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How to get your man to propose.

Ways to get him to propose.

There are so many ways to get the man of your dreams propose to you available on the internet today. But these are research proven ways to get him to propose to you faster than you can even imagine.

Make a check list for getting him to propose.

How to get him to propose fast
Make your list on things to consider before getting him to propose.
  1. How ready is your man.
  2. What is his goals and plans.
  3. What is his perception towards marriage.
  4. Is that the right timing for him.

How ready is your man before you get him to propose. 

If this is not in your “how to get him to check list” then you’re definitely missing it.  A lady once said, the level of your man’s readiness is only known to you. You are the only one that can determine his readiness to get married before getting him to propose to you. Put aside the marriage pressure that comes from friends and family and play your game right. Take a good look at your man, does he possess all the qualities you really want? Does his vibes, energy, sexual life, mind-set, financial goals, spirituality, personality match with what you want in your marriage. He had the qualities initially but its starting to fade? Who knows you might get lucky after putting this to check, and realizing he’s still the man for you.

Check his goals and future plans in effect to getting your man to propose. 

This is the second parameter on your how to get him to propose checklist. Every man has life goals and future plans. Does he include you in his goals and plans for his future. Would he rather freely use the word “i ” than “we” during your conversations concerning the future. What are his short and long-term goals, and when does he plan to achieve them. Is marriage even included in his goals? You need to find your place in his plans. Aside the fact that ladies are always under pressure, age is not also to our favour. The clock is ticking and time waits for no one.

What’s his perception about marriage.

Marriage is one subject most guys find every possible way to maneuver through, just to feel safe. Find out your man’s honest opinions before getting him to propose. Some guys see it as a life time imprisonment, taboo to stay married with one wife(using the “all men are polygamous in nature” fallacy, as an excuse). Ensure he doesn’t have a nonchalant attitude towards marriage, because once in, forever in.

Check for the right timing before getting him to propose. 

Is it the right time in his life or he’s still battling with his career, family crisis, business issues. Men go through a lot to ensure the make ends meet. Some might be going through financial crisis, previous heartbreak, health issues and more. Its left for you to determine if at the moment,he fantasizes about marriage and he’s ready for it. Put this to check and you’re close to getting your aim.


Engage in marriage talks and conversations that will get him to propose and observe his reaction.

To get him to propose, involve him in marriage talks while having conversations with him. Talk about recent proposal gestures and romantic ways to propose. Create Fantasies about the wedding night and how it will turn out to be a bomb. Make imaginations of your honey moon and countries to explore together as a couple. Talk about your future kids and how they will look like, argue on how many kids to have eventually.

Plan romantic trips.

Romantic trips, vacations and hang outs have a bonding effect on your relationship. There you get to know your partners hidden sides that you might have ever seen in the past. Memories are created and shared, that will keep him craving for more. Also an opportunity to meet new friends (married ones), that will serve as a source of inspiration.

Talk about the future.

Getting him to propose will not be efficient when you are not included in his future plan. Most guys build relationships just for the fun of it and not because of they want to spend the rest of their life with you. Find out what his future looks like, allow him play it out for you, verify if you are pictured in this played out future plans. Adjust his plans and repaint it with you in it. Keep a reminder that you’re still the love of his life and give him an assurance of having his back through thick and thin, now and in years to come. It has to be a two-way communication blended in one. Make him see how beautiful the future will be with him by your side.

Be a wife material.

Work on yourself as a lady, improve on lady like skills that make you a wife material. He has to be sure of what he is about to get committed to. Marriage is a life time event and he won’t want to make a decision he would regret. In recent times, 90% of Men love versatile women,flexible in all areas.Getting yourself equipped before hand, will end up being a plus on your own side.

Appreciate your man.

Expression of love in kind, words and actions goes a long way.I mean,who wouldn’t want to be appreciated. This helps to serve as an everyday reminder that you love and cherish him. He might not how much he means to you, till you let him know. Praise him in front of his friends and colleagues, gift him one of his favourite items when he least expects it, dish out kind and loving words to him, notice his hard work and appreciate him for that.

Never pressurize him.

This is certainly a major turn off for men. Research shows the more they pressurized about marriage, their interest starts to decline. Just like men hate nags from women, they also hate being put under pressure and certainly not the one coming from a woman. Yes, you engaged him in a marriage talk earlier but you have to let him work with his own time. He has plans and wouldn’t to hurry over it.

Support him in every possible way.

Be his backbone in the good and bad times. Can he look back and see you always standing there with your full support. Be his source of inspiration and encourage him in hard times. Speak words of encouragement and positive words to make his day.


Maintain his interest and accept his flaws.

Giving him your time and attention shows you have his interest at heart. Avoid what he hates and look for the little things that brings out the best him. Embrace his flaws and short comings no one is perfect, there are no rules to life in recent time.

Be romantic and stay committed.

Shower him with love and more love. Plan romantic dinner and vacations. Surprise him once in a while with what he craves for. Whisper sweet words to him, chat him up while he’s at work and tell him how much you love him. Challenge him to a pillow fight and let him win sometimes, be his distraction, his strength and weakness. Share and try out new romantic gestures with him. 

Pray for him and pray about it.

Above all involving God in your relationship is the ultimate goal. Pray for your man, the love of your life. Pray for his success, greatness, favour, grace, financial stability. Let him know you pray everyday for him, it will not only uplift his spirit, it will also make him see you as his second mother(potential wife).

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