Common Misconceptions about COVID’19

These are the common misinformation, fallacies, mistaken beliefs and ideas that individuals have about the COVID’19 that has been proven to be false.

Does Africans have innate immunity to the Corona Virus Disease.


Africans (the blacks) once felt safe and they appreciated their skin colour at the initial/epidemic stage of the COVID’19. They believed that they have a natural immunity to the infectious disease. The news that the virus doesn’t infect the blacks made them feel comfortable and safe. Corona virus disease is a viral disease and it isn’t a racist,it affects both the blacks and white. African countries have recorded COVID’19 cases so far, but the fatality rate or severity in Africa is less,compared to the western countries because of the ambient temperature of African countries. Research shows that the virus strives well in areas with cool temperature. The western countries unavoidably have these cool temperature which invariably makes their fatality rates higher than that of the African countries.

Does Annointing oil and annointed materials cure COVID’19.

Typical annointing oil

There are highly spiritual Christians that believe that gulping a jug of annointing oil,that was handed over to them by their spiritual leaders,can cure the corona virus disease. There is no proven drug for the cure of COVID’19. Gulping the whole annointed oil will end up serving its purpose as the annointed oil.

Will high consumption of alcohol and vodka make me corona free.

Young guys taking alcohol

High consumption of alcohol will only cause more harm than good to the body. Apart from the relaxing effect alcohol has on the body, excess consumption of alcohol can lead to other health issues that can damage the organs. It hasn’t been proven by the WHO that it cures the COVID’19.

Spraying hand sanitizers on food items makes the food sterile and free from viruses and contamination. 

Hand sanitizers are antimicrobial chemical substance that are meant for external use. They inhibit the growth of micro organisms, and have a cidal effect on microbes, when applied to the hands. It keeps the hands free from microbes and makes it germ free at the point of usage. Spraying hand sanitizer on food items equates poisoning the food, because it is meant for external use and not for ingestion into the body. This is a myth and it doesn’t cure the corona virus infection.

Does Vitamin C dissolved in water cure the viral disease.

Medical Practitioners recommend Vitamin C for the boosting of the immune system. It helps the body to fight unforeseen infection and keeps it ready for further infection. Drinking vitamin c only improves the immunity but does not give a cure to the corona virus disease .

The disease isn’t real, its just a lie formed by the Government.

Disbelief face

Really? Can you see the news at all?Do me a favor, turn on your television. Forget the government and go check the statistics of number of deaths caused by this deadly virus. This is real folks, we have to do the needful,by carrying out the precautionary measures to combat this virus. This is more like the major  misconception of this viral infection,especially in African countries.

Can it spread through phone calls and mosquito bites.

Transmission of COVID’19 can only be through air droplets, physical contact with infected persons, contact with air droplets of cough and sneeze of infected persons. It hasn’t been proven that viruses  can be spread through phone calls. Mosquitoes are the host carrier of plasmodium, that causes malaria. They do not transmit viral infections like severe acute respiratory Syndrome corona virus 2(SARS-CoV-2). 

Being misinformed kills faster than the virus you know, there are tons of misconceptions about this disease worldwide. Endeavour to get the right information before disbursing them or practicing them.

What misinformation have you heard about this deadly virus,please share in the comment section. Let’s get informed. 

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Wow that’s a nice article, very interesting one.Keep it up.
Though I heard that some people in Africa are using neem plant to treat corona virus.I don’t how true it is.Thanks

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